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What is "Vermicompost"?  Vermicompost is a very high quality soil amendment and is the product of a composting process that uses earthworms to break down organic wastes.  Vermicompost is a biologically active medium made up of composted materials, worm cast (yup, worm doo-doo), and the bedding in which all of this takes place.  

At our farm, we hot compost our horse manure, then feed that material in small layers to our worm bed.  The worms work this material, feeding off of the bacteria breaking down the manure and bedding.  In about 60 days, the material works its way down to the bottom of the worm bed, where it is harvested and sifted through 1/4" mesh.  It is then ready to use on your house plants and in your garden.  The finished product resembles soil or coffee grounds, is sweet smelling, and is slightly moist.  It is full of beneficial microbes and plant growth hormones that boost growth and bolster resistance to many plant diseases.  

You can use vermicompost as you would an organic fertilizer by top dressing or working it into the top inch of soil around perennials or house plants.  When planting, you can add it to the hole for an added boost to the soil around the roots.  When starting seeds, you can add it to your seed starter mix at the rate of 10-20% vermicompost (studies have shown that mixes with higher than 20% vermicompost have a counterproductive effect on plant growth).  Or you can make a vermicompost tea (plants LOVE this), or liquid extract, by simply steeping the vermicompost in water overnight (usually no longer than 24 hours), then watering in.  If you strain your "tea", you can put it in a spray bottle and use as a foliar spray.  However, avoid spraying edible leaves.

On our farm, we use vermicompost for everything--seed starting, planting out, and simple "teas" for watering in.  If any plant looks like it's struggling, a few doses of tea usually fix it right up.  The health and vigor that our seedlings show is due to the amazing effect of the vermicompost--it's probiotics for your plants and soil.

We sell our Double Duty Vermicompost in convenient 1 quart bags or bulk 3 gallon buckets.