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composted horse manure


Composted Horse Manure

Our on-farm composted horse manure is top notch.  We have a state of the art static aerated composting system designed by industry leader, O2 Composting.  This system allows us to control and maintain the correct temperatures in the composting bins.  Each pile is monitored daily and temperatures are taken in 9 different locations to be sure it meets the minimum temperature required to effectively reduce pathogens and weed seeds.  After hot composting for 3-4 weeks, the piles are allowed to cool down and cure for a minimum of 6 months.  This helps ensure the most stable product for your garden with high bacterial and fungal activity.  It is black gold, very well broken down, sweet-smelling, and usually full of worms!

The only inputs are the outputs from our horses and chickens, their bedding/leftover hay/food, and on-farm organic wastes such as grass clippings, etc.  We are a certified organic farm, so you can be sure there are no chemicals ever.  If horses need to be medicated with pharmaceuticals or dewormers, that manure is composted separately and used on the farm on non edibles only.

Our composted horse manure is available in convenient, recycled feed bags and by the tractor bucket load.