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Chamomile, Roman

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Chamomile, Roman


Chamomile, Roman


Chamaemelum nobile, perennial

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Aromatic, perennial ground cover.  Will grow together to form a mat, and I'm experimenting with this as a grass/mulch alternative for pathways and in between beds.  Delightfully apple-scented blossoms can certainly be used medicinally, but dainty plants not nearly as prolific as the annual German Chamomile traditionally used for tea and medicine.

From Richo Cech at Strictly Medicinals:
"I get lots of requests from people who want to make chamomile lawns–soft and green, pleasant, unusual.  The requirements are fertile soil, full sun, plenty of water and a robust transplant.  Then the chamomile lawn is more likely to succeed.  But with care you can indeed direct-seed it.  Mix very fine seed with sand before planting, to stretch it, increasing distance between plants. If not mowed, the chamomile will go up to flower at about 12 inches or so, making multiple flat-topped aster-like flowers, somewhat larger than those of German Chamomile, aromatic and pleasant, worthy of tea. To maintain a Roman Chamomile lawn, keep it well-watered and when it starts to go up into flower, mow it down to about 3 inches.  The energy will go back into the plants and make them spread.  This is needed to maintain a dense stand.  You may wish to fertilize with dilute kelp tea.  Fertilize in the spring and summer."