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Bean, bush

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Bean, bush


Bean, bush

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Phaseolus vulgaris

Varieties offered:

Dragon Langerie--bush wax bean, 19th entry heirloom, creamy, gorgeous, flattish pods with purple striping, juicy and sweet, beans lose color when cooked, best for fresh eating as these do not store well

Masai--compact plants are good producers of 5" perfect haricot verts, best when picked pencil-slim, but still crisp and sweet when more mature, holding pretty well on the bush, easy to pick, takes up little space, container friendly. *Not available in 2019*

Maxibel—A heavy producer of uniform dark green fancy 6–8" pods of exceptional length, ramrod straightness and superb taste. For maximum tenderness and most succulent flavor pick early and often. (Normal-sized bushes, not as compact as Masai.) A gourmet market specialty.

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A summer staple, no kitchen garden is complete without beans.  Bush beans usually set lots of beans at once, but I find if I keep them picked, I keep getting them.  Masai plants are very compact and can be spaced fairly close together.  Dragon Langerie sets the best color when the pods are exposed to sun, so give these guys a little more room to bring out their beauty. 2019 will be our first year with Maxibel; I plan to plant them 1 per square foot.  3" peat pots or 4-packs.