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Peppers, hot

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Peppers, hot


Peppers, hot


Varieties Offered:

Aji Colorado (Capsicum baccatum)--mildly sweet-hot, use fresh or dried, makes great chili powder, productive bushes can even take a light frost so will produce longer than most peppers

Aji Sivri (Capsicum frutescens)--also called Long Cayenne, medium hot, long and sometimes curly, larger and sweeter than smaller cayennes, good producer

Ancho Poblano (Capsicum annuum)--high yielding bushes, produces 3-6" heart shaped peppers with thick walls, mild flavor, a favorite for stuffing and making chili relleno, called Ancho when dried

Cayenne (Capsicum frutescens)--(shown in photos) long, thin dark red fruits, fiery hot, traditional medicinal pepper

Chilhuacle Negro (Capsicum annum)--rare Oaxacan pepper, moderately hot, unusual chocolate brown colored fruits, use to make mole, or also great chopped into in stir-fry, container friendly

Criolla Sella (Capsicum baccatum)--native to Peru, plants are short and sturdy, copious producer of golden-orange, thin-skinned peppers, not too hot, with a very citrusy taste

Guajillo (Capsicum annum)--Spanish for "naughty chili", vigorous, high-yielding bushes, popular hot pepper in in Mexico, when green good for fresh eating, and pickling, when red good for fresh eating, drying, salsas, hot sauce

Hot Paper Lantern (Capsicum chinese)--VERY hot, productive, sturdy bushes with dangling lantern-shaped peppers

Jalapeno (Capsicum annuum)--compact bushes are overloaded with thick-skinned, blunt fruits traditionally used for pickling and chili, very hot

Thai Volcano (Capsicum frutescens)--very attractive, perfect for containers, produces clusters of upright, small, bright red, fiery hot peppers

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Hot peppers are easy to grow and produce prolific amounts of delicious and medicinal fruits.  For those reasons, our kitchen garden is never without them.  But we also love them because they are a lot of bang for your buck, space-wise, generally yielding tons of fruits over a longer period of time than a bell pepper plant.  In addition, many of them are very happy in a pot on the patio, thriving in the heat.  Most can be easily dried, extending their use throughout the seasons.  Medicinally, cayenne is the traditional favorite--3 plants will provide a large bounty to tincture, dry, or eat as you choose!  3" peat pot.