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Alpine Strawberries

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Alpine Strawberries

Alexandria Alpine Strawberry
Alexandria Alpine Strawberry

Alpine Strawberries


Fragaria vespa, perennial
Varieties Offered:
Alexandra--deep scarlet, egg-shaped berries
Attila--makes runners, great for hanging baskets
Baron Von Soldmacher--antique German variety yields good-sized, deep red berries
Heirloom Pineapple--pastel yellow, 1", pointed berries
Mignonette--dainty, pointed red berries
Red Wonder--Large, elongated, red berries
Regina--Intensely red, sweet, and richly flavored berries, larger than most alpine types
White Soul--cream colored berries, does not need protection from birds
Yellow Wonder--delicious yellow berries, moe easily ignored by birds than red varieties

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We're a little obsessed with the under-appreciated Alpine Strawberry here--you can tell by us offering 9 varieties!  Also known as wild strawberry, woodland strawberry, European strawberry, and fraises des boise, we've grown these diminutive lovelies for years in our kitchen garden, both the red and yellow varieties.  They are a delicious gourmet treat, very aromatic when ripe, and with an intense strawberry flavor unlike anything you've ever tasted.  We fight over them.  Yes, they are tiny, but they yield small handfuls of berries all season long, generally fruit the first year, and all parts of the plant have a long history of internal and external medicinal uses (tea of young leaves is delicious and a favorite for soothing small tummies).  They are also very hardy and undemanding.  They grow into a cheerful green mound 6"-12" and don't typically produce runners, except for the Attila variety, so they stay where you put them.  They are happy to grow in containers, corners of raised beds, and tucked into small spaces around your garden.  I think the yellow berries are slightly sweeter, but perhaps that's because they are more likely to mature before being picked off by birds,  bunnies, and small children.  I couldn't decide which ones to offer, so here are all the varieties I could find!  I recommend planting at least 3 plants so you get enough berries to make it worthwhile.  3" peat pot.